Published Documents

SEAFOM Published Documents

The SEAFOM Working Groups have published four industry documents that are available for download by any interested party. Further details regarding the content of the documents (Table of contents, List of Figures and Introduction) are available from the downloadable document extracts.

Usage of the published documents are licensed to a company for reference use by its employees only. The documents may not be changed, amended or altered for redistribution in any way.

  1. Functional Design and Test Specification for an Optical Feedthrough System used in Subsea Xmas Tree Installation (SEAFOM-TSD-01)
    This specification outlines the minimum design and functional requirements, as well as the minimum qualification and factory acceptance test requirements for an optical feedthrough system (OFS) to be used in intelligent well applications through vertical or horizontal subsea Christmas (Xmas) Trees (XT).
  2. Functional Design and Test Specification for Subsea Electrical and Optical Connectors and Jumpers (SEAFOM-TSD-02)
    This specification covers the requirements for design, fabrication, performance, materials, operation and installation, intervention, testing and qualification for seawater exposed dry-mate and wet-mate subsea connectors and jumper assemblies as defined herein for subsea production equipment.
  3. Measurement Specification for Distributed Temperature Sensing (SEAFOM-MSP-01)
    This document was written and produced by the SEAFOM Measurement Specifications Working Group and specifically focuses on “Distributed Temperature Sensing” (DTS). It is intended to be used as a guide to enable the characterization of performance of any DTS as defined by the measurement parameters and via the use of a standardized set of measurement practices contained: including test setups, procedures, and calculation methods.
  4. Measuring Sensor Performance – DAS Parameter Definitions and Tests (SEAFOM-MSP-02 V2.0)
    This document was written by and on the initiative of the SEAFOM Measurement Specification Working Group.  It is targeted specifically for “Distributed Acoustic Sensing” (DAS).
  5. Fiber and Cable in Harsh Environment – Recommended Testing Procedures (SEAFOM-F&C-01)
    This document describes recommended test procedures for the key parameters of optical fibers and cables used in Oil and Gas applications such as Distributed Temperature Sensing, Logging and other down hole measurements. The intent of the document is merely a series of recommended practices to assess the performance of fiber and cable, and not specification values for the various parameters to be met by the manufacturer.

Other Industry Published Documents

AWES (Advanced Well Equipment Standards) is a global industry workgroup formed under the guidance of OTM. The main task of the group is to prepare an international standard based on the statement of requirements of the end users of said downhole equipment. AWES has published a number of industry RP documents that are available to any interested party.