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Why Join?

  • With 9 Operator members, new Operator members will enjoy direct exposure and networking to members of their peer group.
  • Operator members actively engage with the vendors to provide direct technical support and stimulation of the entire supply chain
  • New vendor members will enjoy SEAFOMTM’s focus on addressing overall reliability of fiber optic systems, as well as the ability to market and promote their novel technologies to a wide operator audience
  • All members benefit from the promotion of collaboration and the benefits of open technical knowledge sharing relevant to the Oil & Gas fiber industry
  • SEAFOMTM is also dedicated to the promotion of training related to the deployment of fiber optic technology through the 101 Training course which has been developed for the benefit of SEAFOMTM’s member companies

For more information related to the benefits of SEAFOM membership, please see Benefits.


The annual SEAFOMTM membership fee is currently (GBP) £4,750 plus applicable taxes, for the 12 months, from July – June. This fee may be changed depending on the number of participants and expectations of the group. The annual fee is determined by agreement between the Steering Committee (representing the membership) and OTM Networks and any proposed increase is presented to the Membership for approval.

SEAFOMTM Membership year runs July-June. SEAFOMTM membership is available for new organisations to join during a membership year.

If you wish to join SEAFOMTM please consult the Membership Bylaws and Application and sign and return to OTM the Membership Application.


To join SEAFOMTM please consult the Proposal and sign and return the Membership Application to OTM.