SEAFOMTM‘s value proposition is based around its unique membership base that allows consistent collaboration across a broad range of fiber optic providers and users. Members actively participate in the creation of industry standards and recommended practices relevant to the deployment of fiber optics in the oil field, benefit from state-of-the-art presentations on the latest technologies, and enjoy dedicated networking sessions with representatives from the operators and service companies.

  • Operator supply chain engagement and technology influence
    • With 9 member Operator companies, SEAFOMTM’s Operator members are engaged through all network activities to ensure that the focus remains on meeting their needs and challenges
    • SEAFOMTM’s specification and recommended practice documents are being incorporated into API specifications to ensure industry wide usage and influence
  • Consistent focus on knowledge Sharing and inter-company collaboration
    • Collaboration Working Group activity – creation of Recommended Practices, Test Qualification Procedures, Component Specifications
    • Technology Readiness Working Group Activity  – broader  focus on reliability and industry challenges through facilitated discussions, the development of common architectures, membership technical surveys, etc.
    • Great focus on sufficient networking opportunity allowing customers / clients / partners regular and consistent quarterly meeting opportunity in conjunction with participation in SEAFOMTM
  • Key focus on addressing overall reliability of fiber optic systems intended for deployment in complex scenarios
    • Operator driven discussions relating to experience and lessons learnt through fiber optic deployment activity
    • Vendor driven focus on improving reliability and overall industry acceptance of novel fiber optic solutions
  • Bi-Annual SEAFOMTM “Industry Events” focused on marketing and promotion of the entire membership supply chain to a wide operator  audience
    • Successful Industry Events have been held in Houston and Aberdeen with the vendor membership enjoying marketing opportunities with a wide range of operator attendees
  • Promotion of closer collaboration and knowledge sharing across industry and the research and development activities within Academia
    • Members are exposed to Academia activity within the Americas and Europe through free Academic associate membership offered to universities and non-profit research groups involved with fiber optic technology
  • Supply chain support and stimulation, especially for the smaller / newer vendor members who enjoy access to a wide array of established end-users (Operators) and other potential vendor partners
  • Active promotion of training related to the deployment of fiber optic technology within the Oil & Gas arena
    • SEAFOMTM’s 101 Training course has been developed by the member companies and is presented by leading experts, within a small and collaborative environment