About Us

SEAFOMTM is an international Joint Industry Forum, which had an original vision to promote the growth of fiber optics in subsea applications. As time has moved on this vision has been enlarged to encompass what can be considered as the stepping stones to such challenging applications, and so now encompasses all upstream oil and gas industry applications.

SEAFOMTM can trace its heritage back to the February 2006 SPE ATW in Galvestonon ‘In-well Optical Sensing – Subsea Well Applications – Are We Ready?’. One hundred and forty individuals attended from ten countries. At this workshop discussion took place indicating a need in industry for a group to meet regularly with the same drivers – to facilitate the growth of optical sensing in subsea applications.

Since this time, the group’s name has developed into SEAFOMTM, the scope has been defined (and extended at the first full JIP meeting) and a Charter has been agreed upon.

SEAFOMTM welcomes interested organizations as members. Since the launch meeting in Houston during June 2006, SEAFOM has run a regular programme of meetings: three times a year, alternating between venues in the USA and Europe.

SEAFOMTM is a formal organization, with an agreed Vision and Scope of Work. It is governed by a Steering Committee chosen by the membership, with professional project management by OTM Networks defined in the SEAFOM Membership Proposal.