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SEAFOMTM was launched in June 2006 and now meets 4 times a year, alternating between the US and Europe. Meetings are held during the same week as the MDIS, SWiG and SIIS groups.

Upcoming Meetings

SEAFOMTM 2016 Meetings Schedule
• 14th and 15th June - The Hague, Netherlands - Hilton
• 20th and 21st Sept - Houston, USA - Hilton Post Oak
• 6th and 7th Dec - Paris, France - Hilton La Defense

SEAFOMTM 2017 Meetings Schedule
• 21st and 22nd Feb - Houston, USA - Hilton Post Oak
• 6th and 7th June - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Tbc
• 19th and 20th Sept - New Orleans, USA - Tbc 
• 5th and 6th Dec - London, UK - Tbc